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What am I working on?

Happy art in progress

Always reinventing and trying new things. You can see new projects here, and get a peek inside the studio. My uplifting art, collage, and colors, are inspired by the local flora and fauna, life events, and the seasons. 

Monterey Series

December 2023-Jan 2024

Winter had me hunkering down on my "real job" and I finally made it back into the studio. I have always loved Carmel and Monterey coastline, as well as the drive to or from Santa Cruz. These puppies came from photo safaris en route (aka near Moss Landing) and at Point Lobos.  The "Dr. Suess" trees we see while driving Highway 1 have always made me smile.  Additionally, Point Lobos is dear to my heart, the place I saw my very first whale in the wild when I moved to California in the mid 90's. 

point lobos whalers cabin and bev.JPG

Art Shows, installations and more!

August // 2023
I'm behind on sharing that I was accepted into the Capitola Art & Wine Festival on Sept 9-10th. Please visit my booth (#95 on San Jose Ave). 

Additionally, I have a show at Lúpulo Craft Beer House and will be there to chat about art on First Friday - Sept 1. Crazy good times. Lots of new paintings to share. 


California Themed Wood Panels

March // 2023
I'm in a very cool artist group based in Carmel and 
Colorado - that have challenged ourselves to do a "series" inside these next 12 weeks. 

I've decided on a wood panel square series using my photography. My new technique of collage, inks, paints, varnishes, charcoal, carbon and even gold will be involved! I'm excited!

Ventura collage painting

Lúpulo Craft Beer House

August 2023-January // 2024
Am so honored to have 12 paintings on display at the crazy good Lúpulo craft beer house in downtown Santa Cruz. Your tastebuds will thank you whether you love beer or not. Check them out at 233 Cathcart St, Santa Cruz. 

bev at lupulo with purple and gold.JPG

California Spring Bloom

April // 2023
Between storms, gray or not, I try to get out for a walk even if it's for 15 minutes. There is a yard not far from home that is covered in California Poppies. I've taken photos from the dirt up and sky down and sideways  - so finally I decided to start painting a couple. Here is where we are so far, but not done. Work in progress! 11x14

Ca Poppies WIP sm.jpg

New Medium of collage, paint, ink...

Feb/March 2023
This painting brings me more joy than I had imagined. I love the colors - pink and blue are always a combo I'm drawn to, but the cold and mark making were super fun as well. Using my photography now has given me an entire new outli

Bev with Golden Magnolias.jpg
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