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The Line Up,  36"x48" framed

At 36"x48", surfboards look nearly life sized. Mixed media with text, carbon, ink and acrylic.


• original / 36"x48" + beautiful oak floating frame makes it 37x49 

• 16"x24"x2" premium canvas wrap print w/ metal hanger

• Prints upon request (diff sizes) 

• 4.25"x5.5" blank notecards 


There are two in progress images here. One with me holding the painting, and the movie is a timelapse of about 2 hours in stage 3 of the process. If it looks familiar to you, it's from a photo I took while on a surf safari in Ventura County - at Malibu's famous wall that is constantly showing off the local toys. I still believe I got my longest wave there, sunset in October. A local was friendly and helped me get into a small roller, and I rode it to the beach with a massive smile on my face.

The Line Up, 36"x48" framed

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