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Lighthearted #1  // 18"x18"x1"

Acrylic painting is a great experiment with acrylic inks mixed with acrylic paints. Part of a series I envisioned while sketching in my journal early in the pandemic. I found myself repeatedly painting "lighthearted" images (aka winged hearts). Lifting myself, and the general energy around me, up. I had been isolated, already had been working from home, but with very little contact with the outside world, these brought me joy. 


• Original 18x18x1 

• Curved Metal Print 4"x8"x1/8" 

Lightweight, and self standing!

• *Metallic print on Canvas 10"x10"x2" 

• Acrylic block 4"x4"x1" 

*The metallic print has a sparkle and I just love it!

Lighthearted #1 // 18"x18"x1"

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