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Good Catch 16"x16"x1" wood panel

These wood panels are super fun as they are flat, hard wood panel gives a great affect. There is a frame on back so can be hung on that or add hangers. 


It's a different experince to paint on the firm surface versus a canvas that dips down when you apply paint. 


I love the texture of this piece. Played with scraping paints and mark making and many layers. It's fund, warm, sticks with my heart theme of spreading the love. Colors are mixed with the cool blue and a little warm golden tint to teh whites - with pink and reds of course!


• Original 16x16x1 // Wood Panel, use frame or add hangers

•  PRINTS: Blank note card set of 4. *See cards listing 

Good Catch 16"x16"x1" wood panel

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